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By the time Greg Prior was 16 years old he had become good enough of a guitarist to join Lazlo Slone, a cover band that played a stripper club in Bridgeport, CT called Tuesday’s Den.

Over the next few years the cover band Greg was in called the Rift started writing their own songs, and then recording originals and gigging out. This nightclub cover original band went on until he reached 20 years old.

Later Greg moved to New Haven and attended Southern Connecticut State University. It was here that he met Stevo and Joe, and created a band called Bleached Black. The band recorded at Sinatra Studios with Ron Sutfin the old school way, recording on an 8-track reel to reel. They made a single called “Chelsea” that received college radio air play. It was this recording that got the attention of Relativity Records.

The band was offered a recording contract after making their own EP: Wrist Slashing Romance. In 1986 the self titled album Bleached Black, with the color cover, came out. The album did well and sold 60,000 copies followed by a tour in the U.S. and Canada using their van. It was classical fun.

Their hometown of New Haven, CT celebrated their post-tour return with a gig at the then famous club called the Grotto where they played to a packed house. Unfortunately, the band had personal problems with Relativity Records and were denied a second record even though it had already been recorded in Boston.


I Was In Your Life by Bleached Black

Bleached Black at Brick ‘n Wood, 1987

Americana by Tenfold

Andulon by Tenfold

Mystified by Tenfold

Embryo Dmaggio Live at The Tune Inn

Disguise of Ages by Embryo DMaggio

Zoe Come Along by Embryo DMaggio


Bands In The 1980’s

Lazlo Slone

Greg Prior
Rico Monaco
Dave Landis
Al Cheek

The Rift

Greg Prior
Chip Bell
Chris Carson
Thom Adams

Bleached Black

Greg Prior
Shaun Washburn
Joe McHale

Bands In The 1990’s


Greg Prior
Ron Sutfin
Todd Henry
Ross Hallen
Dave Rodway

Joey John

Greg Prior
Phil Bloom
Erik Tucker
Christine Gatti


Greg Prior
Hal Selzer

Embryo Dmaggio

Greg Prior
Sean Corvino
John S

Rehearsal Studios

America Studios

Tin Pan Alley, Midtown Manhattan
New York, NY

Context Studios

Avenue A
Lower East Side, Manhattan
New York, NY

Recording Studios

Coyote Studio

Brooklyn, NY

No Mystery

New York, NY

Loho Studios

New York, NY

Thank You

I want to offer my most high thanks to Jehovah, God the Father of All, and Jesus Christ, for giving me life and inspiration. Special thanks to Michael Waldman, Ed Stutz, Lisa H., and my wife, Ellen Prior.